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Portugal has a warm and sunny climate, with mild winters. Summer temperatures in the Algarve can top 30°C, and the mercury climbs in the Alentejo and Alto Douro too, with temperatures recorded as high as 47°C in the Alentejo. In the northwest weather is milder and damper, so bring an umbrella. Up to 2000mm of rain can fall annually (the national average is 1100mm).
Habitually there are only slight fluctuations in temperature between summer and winter; the overall mean ranges from 25°C in summer to about 14°C in winter. The rainy season begins in November and usually lasts through January.
Snow brings many skiing enthusiasts to the Serra de Estrźla in north central Portugal. For the most part, however, winter means only some rain and lower temperatures in other regions. The Algarve and especially Madeira enjoy temperate winters.
2020-12-03 13°C
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